Ambassador Mohamed Ali Nur (Americo)

Founder/Executive Director

He leads the foundation and develops it’s organizational structure, motivates and mentors members, volunteers and staff.

Jibril Ali Nuri

Development Director

He is responsible for spearheading the Foundation’s fundraising endeavors. This includes developing fundraising plans, securing financial support, running special events for donors, and running other projects with the purpose of helping the organization reach its annual goals.

Sofiya Ali Nur

Development & Fundraising Manager

She manages daily activities of the foundation, assists in development of goals and strategies for all fundraising campaigns. Also she plans and implements marketing programs and special events to maximize prospect/donor engagement.

Khalid Hassan Mohamed


Head in evaluating, co-ordinating the academic aims and standards of the school.

Safia Mahamed Ali

Community Outreach Coordinator

She organizes events, recruits volunteers and involves the community to the foundation. Also she will promote the foundation’s purpose.

Sahara Bare Ali

Marketing and Communications Director

She works closely with the teams inside the organization abd and will get people and institutions from outside to get involved and engaged with the nonprofit initiatives.