School Contruction

It was brought to the attention of the Ambassador Mohammed Ali Nur (Americo) by the elders of Ceel Cirfiid Town, Balcad district, middle shabeele region on the difficulties of accessing clean water in the region as members of the town had to travel long distances to access water points and the lack of educational institutions in the same region.

The Ambassador after assessing the situation with his team in 2010 began by establishing Yasmin Foundation through which they were able to complete their first projects in the region. The foundation managed to drill a functional borehole in the region which has been of great help to the people of Ceel Cirfiid as it has been able
to sustain families to date.

In August 2014 Yasmin foundation took up a second project in the same region where they were able to construct a school named Yasmin School that has enabled over 200 students access to free and quality education as it has ensured to supply the school with all the required resources and personnel. The foundation has ensured the successful management of the school through its employment of qualified personnel.

The foundation later on constructed additional facilities within the school that served as medical clinics that catered mostly to vulnerable children and pregnant mothers in an attempt to create a healthier society and reduce the risk of losing mothers who mostly gave birth in dangerous conditions risking their lives.

The successful completion of these projects have not only increased the quality of life for the people of Ceel Cirfiid but has given them hope as their children are in safer hands where they are occupied with learning for the betterment of their future and the future of Somalia.

Borehole Project

In 2019 Yasmin Foundation found out that the community in Shabeley town on Warshikh, Middle Shabeele needed a borehole because the nearest well was very far from them. The foundation contributed the digging of the borehole and it was inaugurated on October 4, 2020.

Drought in Balcad district

There was extreme drought in towns in Balcad district in 2018 due to the harsh weather conditions and the already existing issue of inaccessibility to clean water or any sort of water sources. We, Yasmin foundation, stepped up by providing clean water to the community. This water provision project was able to positively impact the lives of the community members as it was able to sustain them through the severe drought season.

Assisting fishing communities

Fishing communities in Somalia has been neglected for over three decades due to civil war and badly impacted by illegal fishing.  Fishermen in Jazeerabeach town outside Mogadishu generally experience a lot of difficulties in terms of fishing equipment, this being a major hindrance to the growth of their businesses and for some making it difficult to feed their families alone. The fishermen managed to reach out to Ambassador Mohamed Ali Nur, Founder and Executive of Yasmin Foundation, who met them and provided some of them with snorkelling gear as snorkel fishing has become a popular and easy method of fishing in deep sea.

The fishermen seemed relieved and happy as they explained how the gears would make it easier for them to fish and grow their businesses in turn and were grateful to the foundation for their assistance. Yasmin foundation looks forward to helping more fishermen with variety of equipment as it is part of the ongoing projects it has taken up.

Special needs education

Yasmin foundation attempts to make the education system In Somalia inclusive especially for students with disabilities. The foundation’s goal is to assist the few special needs education in Somalia by assisting them with school supplies, paying the rent and encouraging the children to continue their education the foundation has been able to successfully assist Madina Educational Centrein Mogadishu, an institution that solely caters for deaf children and working towards granting them equal opportunities and quality education. The foundation was able to provide the institution with financial aid that went to the clearance of the rent for the school to continue operating smoothly and school supplies.

Quran schools

The Somali community value Islamic education and for that reason more children have access to Islamic learning through institutions such as madrassas that are found in almost every region as compared to secular Education with schools being scarce in most regions, however these madrassas are mostly in terrible conditions made of thatched grass and sticks. Yasmin Foundation successfully managed to build a corrugated iron sheet madrassa building in Ceel Cadde town. This was able to create a safer and more conducive learning and teaching environment and aids in the foundations goal of improving the quality of Education in Somalia.