Yasmin foundation was founded by Ambassador Mohamed Ali Nur (Americo) alongside his family in the year 2010. The foundation was named after the late daughter of Ambassador Mohamed, Yasmin, who was murdered in the unfortunate event of a violent robbery that took place in their home in Mogadishu 1992.

The Mogadishu based foundation operates as a non-profit organization that aims at improving the Education, Healthcare and environment sector in Somalia as a means of creating more self-sufficient, innovative and healthy citizens through the projects it is actively involved with.The foundation seeks to improve the lives of the people of Somalia by engaging in projects that assist in building the country for greatness by investing in its youth through building of schools that are well equipped with the necessary resources and free for the accessibility of people of all financial backgrounds, it has empowered its people and continues to do so by building free health care facilities that aim at assisting the most vulnerable in terms of health such as pregnant women and children.

Yasmin foundation attempts to make education, accessible and most importantly free owing to the fact that majority of the Somali people live below the poverty line.

The foundation believes in the bright future of Somalia and has therefore taken the responsibility to not only be part of this great change but to heavily invest in the future leaders of Somalia who are bound to bring change by granting the young and bright minds the great gift of education. The foundation has gone further to educate the communities about environmental conservation and its benefits and ensuring its projects are sustainable and environmental friendly.

Foundation Vision
Children in Somalia will have the opportunity to have free education.

Foundation Mission
Yasmin Foundation is a nonprofit organization that improves quality of life in communities by giving free education, free health care, free clean water and educate them how to protect their environment.